2021 in a nutshell


Remember when we all thought 2021 would be the year we finally escaped the pandemic?

Well, it didn’t quite turn out that way. Most of us got our main culture fix from inside, watching Squid Games, the billionaire space race and doing the Baby Shark Dance in the comfort of our own homes. We made remote living work in our personal lives. And the same was said for businesses everywhere.



Empty supermarket shelves weren’t uncommon as supply chain challenges continued into this year. Due to increased demand and restricted supply, prices rose at their fastest rate since 1982.

E-tailers felt the consequences of being out of stock keenly. A study from Profitero found that it took 3-4 days to recover their position in Amazon search results when out of stock for just one day.

Side note: Brikl’s supplier integrations allow merchants to avoid these inventory complications by notifying customers when product levels are low.



Start the clock!


Brikl MicroStores can be set up in almost no time at all.


of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a charity.


of buyers are more likely to spend more on a brand that promotes charitable donations.


of Brikl merchants positively reviewed our fundraising features.


reported a reduction in abandoned carts at checkout through Brikl’s localization features.

40-50 hrs

saved, on average, a week on order processing during peak season.


increase in sales on average reported in the first year of using Brikl.

new features released from July 2021 to the end of the year; thanks, engineers!

10-12 hrs

saved on processing a single group order.

That's a lot of extra free time!


our merchants were spending this time just setting up team stores, per week, before onboarding.

We're invested!

Our latest funding round from Saffelberg Investments will help us add substantial headcount across Brikl, accelerate innovation, research, and development across our platform, and enhance our supplier integrations and network. We couldn’t be more excited about 2022!

Speaking of engineering…

The engineering team’s recruitment event ‘Building Brikl’ was a showcase of our internal culture and technology and saw 59 attendees join the event online. The team were also happy to welcome 50 visitors onsite at the Bangkok office at the after-party.

The event featured talks from Tobias Meixner, our CTO, and Michael Hansen, our Head of Engineering, who introduced attendees to Brikl’s engineering culture and tech stack.

55 Bricks at Brikl featured Peerarust Siriamphan, Brikl's Software Engineer as he recounted his personal experience of the company. From his onboarding journey to today.

And Frontend Monorepo at Scale was led by Phoomparin Mano, Brikl's Head of Platform who shared how we architect our frontend mono-repo with ~300,000 lines of code, 40 libraries, and ten sub-apps. He also shared his experiences of the architectural challenges the team faced as the scale got larger.

👉🏾 Interested in the teams’ thoughts Beyond Building Brikl?

Key takeaway

Brikl's powerful automation isn't just great for you when it comes to simplifying your daily workload. It's not just optimal in the way that it saves you, on average, 50-70% of the time versus how you previously worked.

Brikl's platform fully integrates into your existing logistics, operations, and sales software to accelerate your growth.